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How It Works

Basic FORMBLOCK components are the Partitions and Shutter boards.

PARTITION with side clamps SHUTTERS

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STEP ONE; Assemble formwork to make a single casting bay.

Attach a shutter board to the partition. Align patition with top edge of shutter board, screw wing-nuts hand tight. Do same for other sides.

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Single form work bay ready for positioning on wall for further assembly.

Place this bay in position of wall, then continue adding more pieces of  formwork to create a chain.

Stringline and level as you go.

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STEP TWO; The the earth or concrete mix can now be poured formwork.  Leave the mix to set (overnight).

Straight from mixer to wall

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STEP THREE; Strip down the formwork, then go back to step one, by reassembling the formwork on top for the next course.  

Next day, formwork can be removed, first with shutters. Extracting partition, blocks are effectively finished.

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The cavities between each block, will be filled, when the next course is poured, to form a block that is in fact 'T' shaped.

Blocks are formed to key into the blocks in the lower course.

Blocks can either be left in this smooth 'off the form' finish or brushed for other aesthetic finishes. 

Blocks can also be carved or shaped.

The formwork is easy to clean with simple scraping tool.


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