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December 2011

ABCB update on Energy Efficiency Provisions for Housing;   http://www.abcb.gov.au/en/major-initiatives/energy-efficiency/residential-housing



August 2011

In the light of recent current affairs reportings in the media of illegal logging practices in Malaysia and Indonesia. I wish to ensure that we have been aware of this practice for sometime and the form ply materials sourced for the Formblock products are sourced from Radiata Pine timbers.   



April 2011 

ABC TV 7.30 REPORT  Article   "Home Energy Rating System Questioned"  http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2011/s3200765.htm  The issues raised in this article were also raised and discussed extensively at last years Earth Building Association of Australia's Annual Conference. http://www.ebaa.asn.au/publications.html#ebaapub  and highlighted by keynote speaker at the conference Professor Terry Williamson. It seems there is still away to go before the energy rating scheme has some of the bugs ironed out of it and corrected to work as it was intended for the whole housing industry.



September 2010

The prices for some components of formwork have been increased approximately 15% in response to high prices in aluminium over recent times. This is the first increase in prices since January 2007. Also some of the kits packages have been modified to better reflect customers general needs for Formblock formwork.



July 2010   The Formblock Co-operative Directory Service.

A new initiative has been introduced on to our Useful Links page called  Formblock Co-operative Directory Service. This will be a free directory service to assist those embarking on building with the Formblock system to find relevant people in their area, if available, whom have had experience with using the system, or find interested people would like to get involved to gain some experience prior to commencing their own project, or simply wish to seek labouring work on a Formblock project in their area.  Click here to go to the directory for further information and how to get listed.



January 2010

Formblock Australia Pty Ltd, will under go a generational change in stewardship, throughout the early months of 2010. With both Steve and Don McGregor now at an eligible age, they will be easing themselves into retirement, while Bill Forbes unfortunately has been inflicted with a serious illness. So the company operations are to handed over to Gary McGuigan, whom has worked for Formblock since 1992. Although Steve, Don and Bill will be extracting themselves from the daily operations of the company, they intend to remain in association with the company in an advisory capacity.





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