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     FORMBLOCK is a wall building system in which stabilized earth,  or concrete blocks are cast in-situ to produce a solid load bearing wall. In use now for over 15 years in a range of conditions throughout Australia and New Zealand, it has been thoroughly tested by professionals, architects and owner builders. 

Illustration of the FORMBLOCK's  poured-earth system of wall construction, in use.

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     The FORMBLOCK Wall Kit is designed in 300 millimetre modular units that is easily assembled to produce a course of blocks, each 600 mm long, 300 mm high, 300 mm thick, it fits neatly with other conventional building systems. (more information)

Assembling The FORMBLOCK kit on the wall, ready for filling with earth. FORMBLOCK assembled and poured.

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    The FORMBLOCK method significantly reduces the labour required  to produce an earth wall to only fraction of that compared to adobe (mud brick) or pisť (rammed earth) methods of earth building. As the handling of the earth material is minimised, by the in-situ nature of block making. Once the blocks are poured, the wall is effectively complete, with no further need of on going maintenance. (more information)

 Making the FORMBLOCK system a cost effective and affordable method of masonry wall construction.

assembling on a slab floor Kanimbla Valley N.S.W. FORMBLOCK earth walls under construction, Kanimbla Valley, N.S.W.

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        The FORMBLOCK Wall Kit requires no expert skill, it is easy to use and simple to understand and is ideally suited to tradespersons, owner builders, and handypersons, alike. (more information)

FORMBLOCK filled with earth mix Arch constructed in New Zealand On farm near Gulgong N.S.W. FORMBLOCK assembled corner ready for earth to be poured in.

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       The 'thermal mass' properties of the FORMBLOCK system of walls assist in stabilizing room temperatures, smoothing out exterior fluctuations in temperature. giving you 'cooler summers' and 'warmer winters'. (more information)

Bag rendered Formblock earth walls used inthis passive solar home, Eudlo Queensland.

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         The FORMBLOCK Wall Building Kit conserves natural resources. By producing earth-based blocks, you will contribute in saving global energy otherwise used by industry to produce other building materials, such as fired bricks, etc. as well as the thermal properties of the walls giving you ongoing savings in heating energy.  

       Less reliance on timber, means less deforestation.

      The FORMBLOCK system is NOT a wasteful 'once only use' formwork, it is designed and made for long lasting repeated use. (more information)

Olongburra Tree Frog "Litoria Olongburensis"

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The FORMBLOCK walls offer many different wall finish options to choose from. You may choose the Natural 'off the form' look, the Sandstone appearance, or even bag render the walls to suit your personal preferences. (more information)

Natural 'Off the form' look, Blue Mountains N.S.W. Sandstone Finish, Auckland, New Zealand

Bag rendered, Gulgong N.S.W. Full render, Katoomba N.S.W.

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